maandag 9 maart 2015

*~* Release Day Blitz ~ A Simple Change by J.L. Ostle *~*


 Title: A Simple Change
Author: J.L. Ostle
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult



My name is Alisha, I am a goody, goody. I follow the rules, I work hard and study while everyone else parties and hooks up. I'm ok with that, I'm use to it. My life isn't simple though, I have a secret-I'm in love with my next door neighbour, my best friend Kyle Jacobs. Kyle Jacobs is popular, hot, wanted by every girl in school. I am the exact opposite, I'm invisible, unnoticed, I haven't even kissed a boy. One girly weekend to a spa for a makeover changes everything. I start getting noticed, even Kyle is starting to act differently around me. Somebody though doesn't like this new change, doesn't like how Kyle and I are blurring the lines from friendship to something more. New adult contemporary romance with mature content.

Recommended for 17+ due to mature language and adult situations.






About J.L.

J.L. Ostle was born in Antrim, Northern Ireland, now living in Carlisle, England. J.L. Ostle is a full time mother looking after her cute, active little boy. When she she hasn't got her head stuck in a book or writing, she's watching movies, or doing activities with her friends and their children.


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