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New Release ~ Tempting Bounty by KD Jones

Tempting Bounty by Author KD Jones
Book 2 Inter-Galactic Bounty Hunter Series

Vic loves his life. What could be better than co-owning the Inter Galactic Bounty Hunter business with his cousin? Only one thing was screwing it up for him — the fugitive he is after who takes him on a wild chase all over the damn Galaxy. When he finally catches up to the bond jumper, the male’s gorgeous ex-wife throws him a curveball.

Lexi Tanner wants to kill her ex-husband. Just when she was making strides with her new business on the Bazin planet, the jerk shows up and brings trouble to her doorstep. It was trouble in the form of a tall, sexy bounty hunter with a set of horns begging to be licked.

The moment he set his eyes on the blonde bombshell he knew she would be nothing but trouble. He needs to keep his wits about him and get the job done. However, Vic isn’t the only one hunting Lexi’s ex-husband. If he can keep his hands off the female he might survive this hunt, but Lexi is proving to be one tempting bounty.



She turned with her back to him and undulated her hips. She used all her belly dancing lessons to rotate her hips slowly from side to side. She looked over her shoulder and watched Vic's eyes, as they were glued to her every move. She smiled a secret smile to herself. Men were so easy sometimes.
Lexi turned her back to him as she continued moving and dancing. She reached behind her and unhooked her snaps to her corset top, one at a time. She could hear his breath catch. Oh yeah, he was distracted all right.
What are you doing?” he asked with a husky voice.
She turned, holding her bustier against her chest with one hand. She kicked off her high heels. “I’m demonstrating for you what this room is used for.”
Just as he was about to say something, she let her bustier drop to the floor. Yep, that shut him up nicely. She turned her back to him again, moving closer and shaking her ass. She hurriedly undid her pants and dragged them down to her hips with each shake. Then she bent over, pulling her pants down to her ankles before releasing them and standing back straight. After she kicked the pants off, she was left with nothing on but her G-string panties.

Author Bio:

KD Jones is Amazon's Bestseller in Science Fiction Romance and Women's Adventure. She has been a huge fan of both romance novels and science fiction novels since she was 16 years old. Her favorite television shows growing up were Star Trek and Doctor Who. When not writing, she can usually be found curled up on the couch with a good book, working on her hobby of photography, or spending time with her family. As a single working Mom she wants to show her son that a person can follow their dreams no matter how old they are and where they are in life. Dreams can come true if you work hard and keep believing.

Contact the Author:

Twitter: @authorkdjones

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