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Cover Reveal ~ Breathe With Me by Wendy L. Wilson

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Title: Breathe With Me
Series: The Breath Series Book Three
Author: Wendy L. Wilson
Release Date: June 10, 2016

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From the moment Evan saw her, something inside of him clicked; he knew he had found a friend for life and he'd do anything to protect her. As time went by their friendship grew to something more, something natural and unexpected, fierce and powerful, yet so fragile that merely words could rip them apart. And it did... Will he be able to rekindle what he lost or will a slip of the tongue keep them from salvaging what they had? For Piper, past deceptions and memories continue to pull her down and keep her prisoner, yet there is one thing that still holds her steady and pulls her back from the darkness of her past; simple words that became her beacon. Will she be able to learn to let go or will the echoes of Evan's voice be the only thing that keeps her safe as he whispers, "Listen to my breaths, keep your eyes on me, watch my mouth and Piper...Breathe With Me."  


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Meet The Author


Wendy L. Wilson was born in Paramount, California, and raised in Southeast Missouri. She currently lives in Chaffee, Missouri with her husband, two wild little boys and two cats.
Since childhood, she has dreamt of being a writer and spent most of her adolescence writing poetry and short stories. Aside from spending as much time with her family, she enjoys hanging out with friends, gardening and spending time outside. Her favorite outdoor activity is running, where she has one on one time to create more plots and characters to add to her books.

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