vrijdag 3 maart 2017

INFIDELITY WORLD: Suspicion by Donya Lynne


Suspicion by Donya Lynne
Releasing: March 23, 2017
My name is Max.
I’m a con man. A good one, too. One of the best.
But I’m tired of looking over my shoulder, waiting for my luck to run out. So I’m making a career change into the world of professional poker. Which is why I’m in Vegas. There’s a huge Texas Hold’em tournament at the Rio, and I’m going to win it.
My best friend and business partner, Shaun, isn’t happy with my decision to go legit. He says he brought me into the con game and that I owe him. He’s even willing to blackmail me to keep me under his thumb.
I don’t respond well to blackmail, so this isn’t going to work out the way Shaun wants.
Then there’s the girl. Disarming eyes, innocent smile, long legs. Nash came out of nowhere and filled a void in my unworthy heart I only recently realized existed. She’s trying to make a fresh start, too. Maybe together, she and I can create a new beginning and leave our crap pasts behind.
I’ll admit I’d fallen hard for this girl.
Harder than I’ve ever fallen, and probably harder than I should have.
Because I, more than anyone, should know how easy it is to fall for a con.
Suspicion is an Infidelity World novella about how things are always what they seem.​
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