vrijdag 28 juli 2017

Cover Reveal ~ Kill For You by Michele Mills

Kill For You (Catastrophe Series Book 2) by Michele Mills

A virus swept the globe killing almost all of humanity and crushing civilization to the ground, leaving Trevor Mason in the enviable position of being able to strut out of his wide-open death row cell, a free man. Now he’s trying to find redemption by helping to rebuild a ruined and empty world.

Rebel Case was a box office phenomenon, but after the apocalypse she’s just a survivor like anyone else. When passion explodes between her and the tattooed, sexy-as-hell bad boy who says he wants forever, will Rebel risk her future, her safety, on a man with an inexcusable past?  

But can an ex con really leave his past behind, when it refuses to stay gone?

And how far will Trevor go to keep his woman safe?

Warning: This book contains spanking, voyeurism and of course, explicit sex scenes. Love, in a hopeless place and laughter despite the pain. And as usual, more bad language and violence than are strictly necessary. 

About the Author

Michele Mills grew up in sunny California reading more romance, sci fi and historical fiction books than was reasonable for a girl her age. Eventually, this unhealthy obsession morphed into a passion for writing sexy romance novels. Michele believes happily-ever-afters make the world go 'round and punishing kisses aren’t just the stuff of dreams. Most days she can be found teaching High School English to unruly teenagers and cooking dinner for her husband and two sons.

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