maandag 9 april 2018

Cover Reveal ~ CYBORGS' CLAIM by Michele Mills

This is the story of three sexy Cyborgs and the female they want to breed.


CYBORGS' CLAIM by Michele Mills 

Set in the same universe as the Alien Bounty Hunter series!
 Release Date: May 8th


Three outlaw Cyborgs. One human female...

Axel, Steel and Gage.

Merciless super-soldiers. Forbidden cybernetic experiments gone awry. They escaped from their Hurlian programmers and now live hidden in a desolate area of space where few enter and none leave.

They crave one female to claim, one who will satisfy all their desires. But Cyborgs are illegal, so finding a mate has proven difficult.

Until Megan.

As a survivor of horrific abuse at the hands of her alien captors, this tiny female from the original planet is both strong and fierce. Her white-hot desire brings all three men to their knees.

They want this female. Forever.

But will she choose to live on the bleak edge of space, with three exacting, contraband Cyborgs, who have been stripped of human emotions?

Or is their time up? Will the original programmers return for their ultimate weapons, destroying their female and all they’ve constructed?

  Author’s note: Includes an original bonus short story: Melachine & Kroga – Book 1. 

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