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Blog Tour & Giveaway ~ He’s So Fine by Marie Mason

He’s So Fine by Marie Mason

Genre: New Adult / College/Romantica Erotica

Publisher: Marie Mason

Date of Publication: August 4, 2015

Number of pages: 75

Word Count: 50,000

Book Description:

Underground fighter Cage Montgomery was use to making it on his own. When a man in a two-piece suit showed up during his training session, he wasn’t the least bit curious. But Frank, his mentor and the only father figure he’d ever known, ordered him to go to the Hamptons to see his long-lost father.

Cage finds much more than that…he discovers he has a step-sister that makes his body—and his heart—feel alive for the very first time in years.

Theirs was not a forbidden love…but was it a love never meant to be?

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She shrugged her shoulder again and I realized it was a nervous habit, like tugging at the hem of her shirt. I wished she had on something else, something that would slip off her shoulder and reveal her creamy smooth skin. I realized I should have hooked up with a girl before I made the trip. That had to be the cause for my unreasonable attraction to this woman.

My stepsister.
Oh, fuck, that would be just wrong. Wouldn’t it?

She retrieved a glass pitcher filled with lemonade. It had lemon slices floating on top. She had to steady it with both hands, leaving no doubt it was real crystal. Stretching again, she reached for two glasses in the cabinet above her head.

Before I realized what I was doing, I was at her side, taking them down and handing them to her. Now, no one ever accused me of being a gentleman. But hell, if it didn’t bring out something in me to see her struggling like that. “Here you go. Maybe you should get a little step stool or something.” I grinned down at her as I handed her the glasses.

She gave me a reprimanding look worthy of a teacher. Or a nun. “Ha, ha. How’s the weather up there, by the way?”


She wasn’t really short, about five-five in my estimation. But that made her a whole foot shorter than me. I didn’t move as she poured us each a glass of lemonade. It seemed to frazzle her so I stepped closer when her back was turned.

She let out a little yelp when she bumped into me. “I didn’t know you were that close.”

She pushed those cute little glasses up her nose. It made me want to take them off to see just how beautiful those eyes were.

I used the excuse of retrieving my glass of lemonade to crowd her against the counter. I let my cock brush against her hip and delighted in the sharp inhalation of breath she couldn’t control. I took a long drink, knowing her gaze would follow the movement of my throat. It was a cheap seduction trick most guys learned early. I set down the empty glass, caging her in with my arms.

I used that trick every time I could. Chicks went crazy and thought that was how I got my name. Caging them in with my arms.

It wasn’t. My mother had named me Cage. Horace Cage. What a fucking name. I always wondered if she thought my birth had somehow put her in a cage. That was a conversation we would never have. She’d been dead to me long before I’d buried her.

About the Author:

Marie loves anything romance. Give her a story about curvy gals and alpha males and she’s one happy person. She writes what she likes to read. All of her stories feature a big, buffed man who takes one look at the woman meant to be his and falls down on his knees. Each of her stories comes with a happily-ever-after all their own.

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