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*~* New Release ~ Beck & Call by Emma Holly *~*

Beck & Call by Emma Holly
The Billionaires Book 2
Released: May 15, 2015

The man everybody wants. The woman he can't resist. The dom who masters both.

Women can’t keep their hands off billionaire Damien Call. The mysterious mogul has it all: fast cars, killer looks, and a brain that just might be his best asset.

Mia Beck loves her job at a PI firm. Her coworker Jake stars in most of her daydreams, so seeing him everyday is no hardship.

Jake hasn’t believed in human goodness since he worked black ops for the CIA. Romancing innocent Mia is unthinkable, no matter how enticingly submissive she seems to be. Then a case of corporate espionage forces them to pose as a dom/sub duo, to catch the eye of accused wrongdoer Damien. No fantasy is off limits for this voyeur—until the attraction the pair exerts lures him to go hands on . . .

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A smile flirted around Damien’s mouth. “Before we sign my proposed agreement, would you two consent to a test of your chemistry? I’d like to confirm that the electricity you generated at Audition wasn’t a fluke.”

“Here?” Mia asked, startled.

“We’re private,” Damien assured her.

“This is your workplace.”

“So it is.” Damien flashed a grin that made him look more like a pirate than a sober captain of industry. “I thought, perhaps, you’d like to turn the tables on your friend.”

The CEO caught Jake unprepared. Lust streaked through his veins and heated his genitals. Damien wasn’t the only one with a hard-on then.

Mia blushed and stammered. “I’m not . . . I don’t . . .”

“We’ll keep it simple,” Damien soothed. “No whips. No chains. Just you in control of him. Do you think you’d enjoy that?” 

About the Author

Emma Holly is the USA Today bestselling author of more than thirty very hot romantic books featuring werewolves, faeries, and just plain extraordinary ordinary folks. Her favorite things are reading, coffee, long daydreamy walks, plus whatever show she's currently infatuated with on tv. She loves sinking into the worlds of her stories and hopes you do too!

*~* NEW RELEASE ~ The Liger’s Mark by Lacey Thorn *~*

The Liger’s Mark by Lacey Thorn
Awakening Pride Book Six

The Avenging Angel…

Gabriel is the man his people need, an avenging angel who brings death to those who torture and massacre shifters. He never planned to take a mate, but once he does, it takes everything he has to walk away. She wears his mark, but for now, that’s all he can give.

A Woman Alone…

Abandoned at birth then shuffled between foster homes, Kenzie knows what it means to be unwanted. Even adoption didn’t make her feel loved when she was booted out at eighteen. She’d expected her mate’s mark would give her a place to belong…and someone to whom she’d belong. It didn’t. She was marked, mated then discarded.


The mark awakens things long dormant inside Kenzie and sends her on a journey for answers. She won’t stop until she learns the truth, even if it tears her world apart. She’ll find the ones who left her to stand alone when they should have loved her. She’ll start with her mate.

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The door flew open, and she blinked as she took in the huge liger that padded inside. His mouth opened, teeth flashing as another roar sounded, and the power of it shot straight to her womb. Adrenaline surged through her, and she fought to push her claws out, to free herself.

The scuffle stopped, and both men faced the liger, but they were no match. It was over far too quickly, leaving only corpses on the wooden floor. The liger turned his head toward her, mouth opening, but it wasn’t a roar this time. It was a purr—one she was more than willing to return.

Release me,” she demanded, but it came out softly, her voice thick with desire.

The liger inhaled, its aqua gaze glowing. She closed her eyes briefly, squeezing her thighs together as lust struck like an electric jolt straight to her clit. She forced herself to look and found a man before her, bigger and more beautiful than she’d ever imagined. She knew he was hers. Finally, she’d found the one person who would never leave her. Something inside her held back the claim she wanted to make. She felt it, like a flutter of her senses, as if the animal she could never reach was beating against a locked door.

Your name?” she asked, needing it as if it were a lifeline.


Gabriel. It sank deep into her soul, filling places that had been empty for too long.

My hands,” she said, tugging at her tied wrists until his gaze moved there.

He shredded her bonds easily and before he could pull back she was on him, arms wrapped around him, biting down on his chest, attempting to claim him in a way he couldn’t deny. God help her, some part of her sensed he might try to deny her.

He gritted his teeth, holding back the growl his chest rumbled with as she sucked his skin into her mouth, frustrated with her inability to leave her mark and claim him as any other shifter would.

You can’t be mine,” he stated, voice rough and deep, but his hands held her close.

Mine,” she countered, reaching for his hair and pulling his head down for her kiss.

She meshed their lips, pressing and fighting for him to let her inside. Why was he denying her? Denying them? She nipped hard, biting his lip forcefully enough to make him groan, and still he refused to open. She ran her hand down his torso and wrapped her fingers around his rock hard cock. He might be fighting the mating, but his body was primed and ready for her.

He groaned louder as she stroked him, mouth finally falling open, and she flicked her tongue inside. He stiffened against her, his whole body tensing until she feared he might break. Then it was as if his control snapped. She found her back pressed to the mattress once more, but this time her mate was over her, moving between her thighs. His cock nudged her slick folds, lodging at her opening and with a growl, he plunged deep.

Damn you,” he said with a harsh grunt as she panted and clung to his broad shoulders.

This was what she wanted, what she’d prayed a lifetime to find. Her mate. She wrapped her legs around his waist, holding him against her as he thrust. He had one hand cupped at her hip while the elbow of his other arm rested by her head. His fingers gripped her hair as he rode her. His head was tilted back, lips wide, as if even in taking her he fought against her. Why was he holding back?

Mine,” she said again and let her teeth find the reddened mark she’d left on him. She sucked at the skin again, and he jerked in response. She bit down, frustrated with her inability to pierce his skin like she craved to.

Another rumble sounded from his chest, and he tugged her hair until her neck was arched toward him. His lips whispered along her flesh, a light caress that had her begging for more.

Please,” she sighed. Wanting this. Needing this.

He cut you.” The rumble was dark, erotic, and had her channel clenching around his pistoning cock.

Do it,” she ordered, though it came out sounding more like begging even to her.

His tongue licked over the wound, tasting her, and she swore fire leaped inside her at the slick caress of his tongue over the spot the knife had scraped. She arched into him, pressing her neck more firmly against his mouth.

Do it,” she ordered again.

A fiery ache ripped through her womb again, and she finally realized what was happening. The shot. Her body was starting to respond to the shot the Professor had given her. Though it would still be a few days before she went into full heat, she felt the changes the shot was forcing in her body. She undulated, using the grip of her arms and legs to curl up into him. Then she did something she swore she’d never do for any man. She softened, relaxing her neck and whimpering her need to him, submitting to anything he wanted. As if he’d only been waiting for that, he struck, canines sinking deep just where she longed for them.

Her back hit the mattress as he took them both back down, teeth holding her tight as his cock owned her pussy with every hard thrust of his hips. Her whimpers turned to cries of pleasure as her body was flung impossibly high. She felt it, a merging of so much more than their orgasms. Lights flashed in her head and pain resonated, making her cry out. She felt something, a shift inside her and clung to consciousness as he whispered against her skin.

I can’t have you. Damn you! My life isn’t my own.”

She wanted to claim him. Mine resonated in her mind, in her heart, but blackness pulled her under before her lips could form the word.

Author Bio:

Lacey Thorn is a National Bestselling Author of over fifty erotic romances, including the award winning Awakening Pride Series. She has a passion for romance and demands stories that end happily. As a single mom to two teens and one pre-teen, she knows exactly how easy it is to be pulled in multiple directions, always on the go. There’s nothing better to relax with than a glass of wine, a hot tub of bubbles, and a great book. So sit back, relax, and let her take you on an adventure destined to help you unlace and leave the rest of the world behind.

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*~* Cover Reveal ~ You Loved Me At My Ugliest by Evie Harper *~*

Title: You Loved Me At My Ugliest
Series: You Loved Me #3
Author: Evie Harper
Cover Design: LM Creations

Release Date: July 28th, 2015


She’s no stranger to love and loss…
By age eighteen, Alexa Kingsley had lost everyone. Only Joey, the lonely boy next door, remained. He’d clung to Alexa like a lifeline through years of abuse at the hands of his father, and she vowed to protect him as best she could. Alexa thought Joey was the one person who’d always be there—until the day he left her as well. Finally forced to go it alone, Alexa finds this latest loss may hurt worst of all.

He’s no stranger to lack of love…
Joseph O’Connor was every bit the villain his father trained him to be, his young heart twisted into something ugly, corrupted. But his father underestimated the girl next door, miscalculated the impact Lexi would have on Joey’s life, the spark she ignited that eventually, despite all odds, grew to an inferno of hope. To reclaim her, Joey must first become a man Lexi can be proud of…the kind of man she deserves.
Amidst a shadowy world of guns and drugs, will Joey’s ultimate sacrifice—a declaration of love from a man who was never shown any at all—be enough to finally set him free?




Evie is an Australian author whose passion for reading lead her into writing. Evie spends her days writing heartbreaking, suspense filled love stories with happily ever afters. Evie's characters are strong alphas with even stronger heroines who bring sexy sass to the relationship. 


*~* Release Day & Giveaway ~ Carpe Demon by J.C. McKenzie *~*

Title: Carpe Demon
Series Name: Carus Series, Book Three
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Editor: Lara Parker
Cover Artist: Debbie Taylor of DCA Graphics
Theme(s): Shapeshifters, Vampires, Witches, Demons
SubGenre(s): Urban Fantasy/Paranormal
Rating: Spicy (PG13)
Keywords: Shifters, Werewolves, Witches, Demons, Vampires, Wereleopards, Assassin, Vancouver, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Dark Fantasy
Page Count: 298
Word Count: 69345
Digital Price: $4.99
Print Price: $15.99
Digital ISBN 978-1-5092-0147-1
Print ISBN 978-1-5092-0146-4
COPYRIGHT © 2015 by J. C. McKenzie


As an ambassador with the Supernatural Regulatory Division, Andy McNeilly is responsible for acting as the Liaison for the Vancouver Vampire horde. The problem? She detests the Vampire Master, and the SRD can’t discover the beast she keeps locked inside.

After a menacing Demon throws an important Vampire event into chaos, Andy finds herself sniffing out crime scenes to identify and locate the mystery fiend from the nether realm. What she learns chills her bones.

Threatened by the Master Vampire to deal with the Demon, Andy's complicated personal life doesn't make things easier. She's willing to risk her life and pride to keep loved ones safe. But how can she make a choice that will break one heart…and complete another?


The Demon’s grin widened. Standing a foot away from him with no room to maneuver and nothing to separate us, the serrated details of his shiny enamel glared at me.
My fingertips tingled as I started to shift.
Not fast enough.
The Demon lunged. His long nimble fingers closed around my neck as I shot my hands out, inside his arms, and dug my claws into his face. My elbows pushed against the insides of his arms. His hold should’ve weakened, but this Demon possessed uncanny strength. His frame stretched, growing to almost eight feet in height and giving his body an emaciated appearance. He pulled me close, his nose touching mine. I wrenched to the side, but my toes dangled above the floor.
“Bola sends his regards,” he said, his breath hitting my face.
My gums stung as fangs protruded and I hissed at him, ready to make the full change and get my fight on. I yanked on the mountain lion and spurred her into action.
“By all means, little nugget, shift into one of your animals.” He gnashed his sharp teeth together. “I love to rend the flesh of livestock, to mutilate the bodies of creatures, and to smash the bones of beasts.”

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About the Author:

Born and raised on the Haida Gwaii, off the West Coast of Canada, J.C. McKenzie grew up in a pristine wilderness that inspired her to dream. She writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.

Contact Information:


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*~* Cover Reveal ~ The Pull by Sara V. Zook *~*

  Cover Reveal: The Pull 
  Author: Sara V. Zook 
  Genre: Contemporary Romance 
  Release Date: June 14, 2015


Having two women wanting you at the same time … isn’t that every man’s fantasy? Wrong. It’s a nightmare, at least for Darin Thorne. The doctors had assured him his wife was going to die, sooner or later, so he’d moved on with someone else. Then he’d gotten the last call he’d expected to ever get—his wife was back from the dead. She’s coming home from the hospital and needs a place to stay. Darin is forced to invite her to come home with him. Two women living under the same roof, one his wife, the other his fiancĂ©. Could this ever work? Darin feels a storm brewing in his life. He can’t possibly live like this much longer. The question still stands … which woman will he choose?


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About the Author

   Sara V. Zook pursued her dream of becoming a writer and after earning her bachelor's degree, sat down to create her first novel in which Strange in Skin was completed in three short months. She's the author of the Strange in Skin Trilogy, Clipped, A Magic Within, Evanescent, Reminiscence and her new mobster release, Six Guns. She resides in Pennsylvania, where she was born and raised, with her husband and three small children.




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Release Day Blitz & Giveaway ~ Blood Rites by Amity Cross

Title: Blood Rites
Series: Royal Blood #2.5
Author: Amity Cross
Genre: Erotic Romance
 Release Date: May 14, 2015


A beautiful star, a dark prince with a price and an affair that pushes the limits of sanity...

Sebastian Vaughn has a secret.
Lorelei Lansford is the epitome of perfection.
Vaughn has darkness inside of him. Recruited by a criminal organization at a young age, he leads a double life. He deals in women, arms and intelligence, but to the outside world he's just another rich playboy living the lifestyle. That is until he crosses paths with a shining star, a beauty he can’t keep his hands off.
Lorelei was born into a wealthy family and has certain responsibilities she is expected to obey without question. One of those is not falling in love with high society bad boy, Sebastian Vaughn. Money, sex, danger... Vaughn exudes it and like a moth to a flame, she can’t stay away. When Vaughn steps into something out of his control there’s only one way he can escape with his life. He has to make a deal that will betray everything he holds dear.

The price?

Warning: This is a story about pain and retribution. It does not have a happy ending. There is strong language, sex scenes and violence. It is not intended for those of a squeamish disposition. Blood Rites is dark, dangerous and smooth. You have been warned.

18+ due to mature sexual content.

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Author Bio

Amity Cross isn't her real name. That's no secret.

She is the author of wicked stories about rock stars looking for redemption, gritty romances featuring MMA fighters and dark tales of forbidden romance. She loves to write about screwed up relationships and kick ass female leads that don't take s**t lying down.

Amity lives in a leafy country town in southern Australia and can be found chained to her desk, held at ransom by her characters.

Don't send help. She likes it.

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Pre - Release Blitz / Excerpt Reveal / Giveaway ~ Finding Me by Mariah Dietz

FM excerpt banner

Title: Finding Me (His, #3)
Author: Mariah Dietz
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 1, 2015



I came here to escape. Leave the debris and avoid the inevitable truths.
Things are better. Worse. Different. I’m finding me, but in the process I fear I’m forgetting those I have left, and the ones who have left me. Maybe I’m losing who I was. Can I forget my past and move forward? Can I forget him?


“I warned you guys to stop.” Jameson’s voice taunts, and I choose to ignore it, hoping that Kendall will tell him to shut up. When she doesn’t, I nestle further against the pillow, preparing to search for more comforting sleep until cold air slices across my skin as our blanket is whipped off with a harsh tug. My entire body seems to feel the burn, causing my eyes to begrudgingly open to ensure that I’m wearing something more than just underwear. I am, but barely—just a tiny pair of shorts and a tank top with a built in bra that presses against my chest in a particularly uncomfortable fashion. “What am I wearing?” “You guys decided to switch clothes. There was a lot of giggling, and I think Mindi has your shirt from last night,” Jameson answers, folding the blanket. “You guys look like you hurt.” My eyes shift to see Wes sitting on the far side of the couch, looking at us in amusement. “What are you guys doing?” Kendall grumbles quietly because I know, like me, her head is aching too badly to yell at them. “I told you guys to take it easy last night, especially since you drank too much the night before.” Jameson looks to Kendall. “We have that dinner tonight for my work. You’ve got to rehydrate” Kendall groans in response, and Jameson sets down two mugs of coffee. The scent alone makes my stomach roll and I shake my head in protest. “I don’t even remember coming home.” “What can you remember?” Jameson asks me, his tone suspicious. I open my eyes to see Kendall staring at me, the look of pain in her eyes recedes, replaced with curiosity and thought as her eyebrows and forehead scrunch. I lift my eyebrows, imploring her to tell me if she can recall us doing anything we’re going to regret. Her shoulders raise and her head gently shakes and then quickly stops as she winces. Jameson laughs, and I’m pretty certain it’s filled with more relief than humor. “What happened?” I ask. Jameson shakes his head, his eyebrows raised. “All kinds of shit.” “Make him fess up,” I whine, looking to Kendall. “Jameson.” Her one word is filled with enough of a threat that he looks a little nervous. “Wait, how would you even know what happened? We went to the bachelorette party last night.” I glance at Kendall’s neck, noticing proof of our night when I see a beaded necklace covered in every unnatural shade of penis. I tug on one of them, and Kendall looks down and laughs painfully before removing it. “Yeah, how would you know?” she fires. “You guys called and invited us out,” Jameson answers. “Who’s us?” I ask. “What happened?” Kendall growls. “Savannah danced on a bar,” Wes adds randomly. “I remember that!” I cry, too loud for my own ears. I recall glimpses of her wearing a small black dress that she was thrilled to be able to fit in again with a killer pair of heels that really had nearly killed her a couple of times in our travels the previous night. My visions of her cloud, and a curly blond-haired guy with eyes so dark they were almost creepy, appears. I was dancing with him. Flashes of Max shoving him and yelling at me, accusing me of being easy, and me in turn yelling at him for dating a whore fade as I cover my face with both hands and groan. “What?” Kendall asks. “I’m staying with Mindi.” “Nah, you were drunk. It’s no big deal,” Wes assures me. I look at Jameson who doesn’t look nearly as convinced. “Oh my, God! Nate!” Kendall gasps. “Nate what?” I ask skeptically. “Nate and Max,” she says, placing her hand on my arm. The gesture brings a new flash of memories of her pulling me back as I tried to stand between the two of them during a heated exchange. “I’m staying with Mindi,” I repeat. “It’s okay, it’s okay,” she says, her eyes still raised to the ceiling in thought. “No, it’s really not. And you guys are going out tonight. I’m going to go stay with Mindi and Kyle. Things need to calm down.” I shiver against the cool air blowing through a vent on the far side of the couch and move to sit up, determined to get some more appropriate clothes on that don’t reveal most of my cleavage. Heavy footfalls enter the living room and Landon and Max appear. Landon looks from Kendall and me to Jameson as Max avoids looking at any of us. “Alright,” Wes begins. “So last night we experienced some unforeseen hurdles. But that’s okay. It’s not a big deal. It’s a new day.” Max walks away.  

About The Author


Mariah Dietz lives in Eastern Washington with her husband and two sons that are the axis of her crazy and wonderful world. Mariah grew up in a tiny town outside of Portland, Oregon where she spent the majority of her time immersed in the pages of books that she both read and created. She has a love for all things that include her sons, good coffee, books, travel, and dark chocolate. She also has a deep passion for the stories she writes, and hopes readers enjoy the journeys she takes them on, as much as she loves creating them.

His Series

BH cover

LH cover

FM Full

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Release Day Blitz & Giveaway ~ Playing Dirty by C. L. Parker

Title: Playing Dirty
Series: Monkey Business Trio #1
Author: C. L. Parker
Publisher: Bantam
Release Date: May 12, 2015


Cassidy Whalen is as determined as they come. An Irish girl from a small fishing village, she worked hard to pursue her love of American sports and land her dream job as a sports agent with a major agency in LA. Unlike her colleague, Shaw Matthews, who believes you should work smarter, not harder. Although it's assumed Shaw comes from money, he doesn't. What he did inherit was a genetic gift of charisma, and he used it to his advantage, establishing connections at an early age that helped him climb the corporate ladder. He's arrogant and used to getting his way with women, but he's met his match with Cassidy, who's out to prove that anything he can do, she can do better.

When a partnership position with Striker Sports Entertainment is up for grabs, Cassidy and Shaw are in a head-to-head competition to snag the most sought-after athlete in the country. Let the games begin! Playing their sexual strengths against the other's weaknesses leads to an affair that takes the competition . . . to their offices, the co-ed bathroom, the boardroom, the supply closet, the elevator, and anywhere else they're given the opportunity. But before long, they're left wanting much more than to one-up each other in just the boardroom; they want to out-do each other in love, too.

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C.L. Parker is also having a release day party on May 12 from 9am to 9pm EDT

Here is the link to the event:

Trailer for Playing Dirty

Author Bio

C. L. Parker is a romance author who writes stories that sizzle. She’s a small-town girl with big-city dreams and enough tenacity to see them come to fruition. Having been the outgoing sort all her life—which translates to “she just wouldn’t shut the hell up”—it’s no wonder Parker eventually turned to writing as a way to let her voice, and those of the people living inside her head, be heard. She loves hard, laughs until it hurts, and lives like there’s no tomorrow. In her world, everything truly does happen for a reason.

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