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Book Blitz ~ The Breakup Plan by Elle Vaughn #Giveaway

The Breakup Plan
Elle Vaughn
Publication date: December 15th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Elliot has just made the list of America’s hottest bachelors. A successful business mogul who has made a name for himself in Silicon Valley, Elliot’s life is just about perfect—that is until an incriminating photo of himself appears in a tabloid magazine. If anyone discovers who the other person in the photo is, his career would be ruined.

Penny’s life has been anything but charmed. Struggling to make ends meet, she’s determined to make a better life for herself. Desperate to rescue her little brother from the same troubled life she had growing up, Penny will do whatever it takes to make sure he’s safe. Now that she’s starting an internship at a large corporation, she can only hope this is the start of something better.

And that’s when an asshole named Elliot Faulkner makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

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I think that if my family had died differently, or at least under better circumstances, I would have felt less angry. Better, maybe. More at peace. I don’t know, I guess that sounds pretty crazy. But I have to believe that if their deaths hadn’t been so fucking tragic, I could have accepted it and moved on. But I couldn’t and I never will. Because I just can’t. That’s why I was the way I was as I kid. That’s why I was the way I was as a teenager. That’s why I am the way I am now. Their deaths were a perfect illustration for the fucked up son and brother they got stuck with, and they paid the final price.

I’m just thankful I eventually got my life together. Finally pulled my head out of my ass. Somehow made it into a good college (my uncle helped with that, it pays to have connections), and that’s when things started to turn around. After years of beating myself up and hating myself, I finally figured out the secret to life. Stop giving a fuck. And I started funneling all my God-given energy into making something of myself. I live my life for me and no one else. This way I’m happy and no one gets hurt—Including myself. I keep everyone I know at arms-length and it works. I’m a damned successful executive of a damned successful corporation and I’m finally happy. After a life of torment and agony, I’m finally happy. I take what I want, pass on what I don’t, and naturally, I don’t do relationships. There’s no need for them—they only cause unhappiness which is what I’m looking to avoid. After getting a good job straight out of college (thanks again, Uncle Richard), I worked my ass off all the way to the marketing executive of a dominating online retailer, and my every dream has come true. I am exactly who and what I’ve always wanted to be. Until one day my entire fucking life was turned upside down.

So, that’s how I met the biggest pain in the ass I’d ever known—Penny Reynolds.

Author Bio:

Elle Vaughn is an avid book lover - especially romance novels. She's the author of the Anna and Quinton novella series and is always working on a new story project. When she's not lost in her character creations she can be found chasing around her toddler, being outside in the Colorado outdoors, gardening and attempting to cook for her family!

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Book Blitz ~ A Sweet, Soft Glow by Joshua Magnotta #Giveaway

A Sweet, Soft Glow
Joshua Magnotta
Publication date: December 15th 2020
Genres: Adult, Thriller

In the ten years since John Malley lost his wife and daughter, he has slowly faded into obscurity in a rural Pennsylvania town. He spends his days at the local bar and tries to numb the pain of his loss. That is, until Ted’s Dead Rose Tavern becomes the home of the biggest mass killing in the history of the town. John, the lone survivor of the killing-spree, is forced on the run. He heads north where he hopes to hide out at his brother’s house.

Meanwhile, in New York City, young Melanie Parker investigates a disturbing new trend she discovered online. From what she has learned, metallic black bands worn along the forearm are responsible for some form of mind control. Skeptical of this theory, Melanie embarks on a night time excursion that places her in the middle of a riot in the middle of the city. Melanie fights for her life as chaos spreads throughout the city.

As John witnesses the events in New York, he is compelled to take action. But once in the city, John is forced to confront his past.

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He felt a soft, cool touch on his arm. He opened his eyes, and to his right, standing next to him in the rain was Elly. Tears streamed down her cheeks, her hands outstretched toward her father. John let go of the gun and rushed to her. He swept her off her feet and held her close. Her small arms squeezed him around his neck like they always had. She was here; he could feel her heart beating against his chest as he held her tight to him.

“Elly,” he cried, his tears fell into her locks of golden-brown hair.

“Daddy,” she said.

Her arms still tightly around his neck, Elly leaned back so John could see her face. Her bright blue eyes shone back at him. And there it was, that smile he missed so much. Her face was bright, ebullient as always.

Then she was gone. John’s arms were still locked in her embrace, but she was no longer there. When he blinked, he could see her like the image on a polaroid coming into focus except in reverse. Each time he blinked, she became a little less. His head was numb, and he suddenly felt lightheaded.

Author Bio:

Josh Magnotta has been a resident of northern Pennsylvania for most of his life. Throughout his early life and teenager years he was an avid writer but during college drifted away from the passion as work and other priorities took precedence. In 2014 he graduated from college and soon began working swing shift in a factory. It was here, during off shifts where Josh would read during the night to stay awake, that his passion for writing was rekindled. After leaving the factory-life behind Josh went back to college and began work on his first novel, A Sweet, Soft Glow. He has since been writing ever since.

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Release Blitz ~ Odium VII: The Dead Saga by Claire C. Riley

The next book in the intense post-apocalyptic series, ODIUM: The Dead Saga by USA Today Bestselling Author Claire C. Riley is LIVE!


How can we love in a world full of death?

A year has gone by and Nina is filled with rage and grief for her many losses. Only one thing remains the same: her hate for the Savages and the desire for their death.

More bitter and broken than she’s ever been before, she wonders if she can ever find her way back to the light again. But Shooter hasn’t given up on her yet, and neither has the rest of the Devil’s Highwaymen.

Mikey, living at Haven, is not the man he once was.

He hunts. He kills. He protects…but inside he has fallen apart.

He may have survived his time as the Savages’ prisoner and come away with all his body parts intact, but they managed to carve away a more vital part of him and he doesn’t know how to get it back.

Revenge is on both of their minds, their mutual hatred for the Savages continually driving them on toward an uncertain future. Together or apart, their enemy is the same, and they both cling to the hope of taking the head of the one who stole everything from them.

Only one thing is certain now: if they are to survive this enemy, they must seek out a truth that has evaded them thus far.

But will this truth destroy them?

Only time will tell.


Bringing life, love & survival together for one thrilling read. I guarantee it's one you do not want to miss!

Book 7 in this EPIC series brings you more drama, action, bad ass characters, heartbreak, humour, a little bit of creepy and a whole lot of DEAD.

“This series continues to blow my mind!!!! Odium VII was one of my most anticipated books of 2020 and it did not disappoint. I can't sing this books praises enough, if you take a risk on any series then this is the one to gamble with.” - – Goodreads Review.

“Claire C. Riley has brought out the big guns and once again delivered a gritty, hard-hitting book that you can lose yourself in.” - Ez, Goodreads Review

If you’ve NOT started the series (WHAT!?!) you can start here:

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US -

Also FREE in Kindle Unlimited

* All books in Kindle Unlimited and Audiobook *

About the Author:

Claire C. Riley is a USA Today and International Bestselling author.

She lives in the United Kingdom with her husband, three daughters, and ridiculously naughty        rescue beagle, Dogface. She loves clothes with pockets in (especially dresses) avocados and is     obsessed with 80’s movies.

She is represented by Lane Heymont of The Tobias Literary Agency

Gryffindor. Targaryen. Zombie slayer.

Also by Claire C. Riley

Romantic suspense/thriller:

Beautiful Victim

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MC Romance:

Ride or Die a Devil’s Highwaymen series

Nomad the Devil’s Highwaymen Series:

Crank #1, Sketch #2, Battle #3, Fighter #4, Cowboy #5

Tame his Beast Duet

New Adult Romance:

Wrath #3 the Elite Seven Series

Contemporary Romance:

Shut Up & Kiss Me

Post-Apocalypse/dystopian romance:

Odium The Dead Saga series

Odium Origins Series

Out of the Dark

Red Eye The Armageddon Series – co-authored with Eli Constant

Thicker than Blood Series – co-authored with Madeline Sheehan

Paranormal Romance:

Limerence. (The Obsession Series)

Limerence II (The Obsession Series)

Twisted Magic Raven’s Cove


Blood Claim

Available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook, and almost all in Kindle Unlimited!



Claire C. Riley FB page:


Reader Group: Riley’s Rebels:

Newsletter Sign-up:



Release Blitz ~ Windling by Lynn Burke

Title: Wildling 
Series: Midnight Sun Series #2
Author: Lynn Burke
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: December 17, 2020

A wildling, Ma always called me, born of nature, feral as a fox.

I made a promise to her on her deathbed to look after my heartless Pa, but eight years later, he brings another woman to our homestead in the wilds of Alaska, testing my determination to honor Ma’s memory.

Saige is timid. Beautiful. Unthreatening and desperate for affection, consuming my mind and drawing me in.

I should flee—for both our safety.

But I have nothing to my name, and leaving as winter approaches means certain death, no matter my survival skills.

Pa crosses a line, and the wildling inside me rises like a bear on its hind legs, instinctively needing to show dominance.

This time, I won’t fail to protect the one I love, no matter the cost—even if it means breaking my promise and shedding blood.

The cabin and its outbuildings didn’t look like much from the air as Jessie took the plane overhead, but it would be mine. Mine and Callan’s.


I glanced up to find my new husband’s profile still bland, hardly interested in turning around to see or ask me what I thought of my home in the wilderness. Not so much as a glance my way as Jessie landed, the floats dragging in the river’s water enough I grasped her seat in front of me, my heart flying near out of my chest.

“Bit bumpy,” she said in the earphones. “Sorry about that.”

I gulped and nodded, not having expected such a jar for landing in water. Not that I had any landing to compare it to. The flight to the homestead had been my first time in a plane.

The freedom of the skies had been liberating beyond anything I’d experienced, and even though Callan hadn’t said two words to me, acting as though I didn’t exist on the back seat, I took comfort in what awaited.


No bitter parents to support.

Planting my first garden.

Settling the chickens into their new home—and naming each and every one.

Settling myself into the cabin and making my first pot of coffee for my new husband in the morning.

And maybe someday, a swollen belly with a tiny heartbeat snuggled inside.

No butterflies lit with wings in my stomach, but definite excitement tipped my lips upward.

Jessie pulled in to dock, and I struggled to unlatch my seatbelt as she and Callan climbed out.

“Hey, Flynn! Hey, Dog! Want a Scooby snack?”

I jerked my head up at Jessie’s raised voice to find her waving at someone.

Leaning forward, I caught sight of a man moving down a worn path through waving grass toward the river, an old dog trotting ahead of him, tongue hanging out in a cute way.

Reddish brown hair pulled back into a ponytail at the man’s nape, his short beard a lighter auburn. Wide shoulders filled out a green flannel that appeared much too small for his tall frame. Old work pants, worn boots…

Another wilderness man. Neighbor, I assumed, tearing my focus off his steady gait as he drew closer, revealing him to be closer to my age than Callan’s.

A handsome neighbor, too, I couldn’t help but note.

My smile faded as a weird feeling moved through my chest, settling like a rock in my stomach. Brow furrowed, I hopped out of the plane onto the dock and busied myself gathering a few personal items from the floor of the plane, my back to the others.

Murmurs reached my ears as Jessie and the neighbor exchanged pleasantries. Callan didn’t speak a word, and every hair raised on my nape beneath the long braid swinging down my back.

Sucking oxygen into my lungs didn’t lessen the weighty feeling in my stomach, but I forced myself to turn, two bags in my hands, and move off the deck onto the shore. Focus on where I walked as usual, I stopped once Callan’s feet appeared in my periphery.

“Flynn,” he said with laughter in his voice, something I’d never heard.

I jerked my focus to his face.

Callan smirked at the man, but no jollity lit his eyes. If anything, he appeared angry, a contradiction to his smile. “I brought you a gift for your birthday,” he said and grasped my elbow, yanking me close. 

A squeak flew past my lips. My brow furrowed over his words, and I stared at his profile, baffled.

“Callan…” Jessie’s voice filled with warning from his other side. She glared at my husband, lips pursed while straightening from feeding the dog a snack.

I dared a peek at Flynn. Eyes, green as dew-kissed moss, peered at me without a hint of emotion, bland as Callan’s had been throughout our flight.

My husband let out a dry chuckle. “Brought you a woman, son.”


“What?” I gasped out, the single word ripped from my throat.

Flynn didn’t twitch a muscle at the announcement, nor did he take his focus off his…father’s face.

Callan tossed back his head and laughed like a mad man, squeezing me tight against his hard body. “Fuck, Flynn!” He barked another laugh. “You should see your face right now.”

Flynn still looked as unmoved as he had two seconds earlier. No emotion showed on his face—he definitely inherited that ability from Callan. His father. My husband had a son and hadn’t felt the need to tell me.

“Saige here is my wife,” Callan continued.

Jessie cursed under her breath and stalked off toward the plane.

“My wife,” Callan repeated, his voice dropping as Jessie’s boots stomped on the wooden dock. Coldness gleamed in his eyes as he peered at his son, his tight hold on my arm starting to hurt. “Maybe I’ll share.”

My heart stalled out, and I clamped my eyes shut, my mind buzzing, yet unable to form a single thought.

Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.