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Cover Reveal ~ The Plan by Ella James


The Plan by Ella James

Release Date: November 6th
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Designer: Letitia Hasser from RBA Designs
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You’ve heard this story before. Woman feels her biological clock ticking and gets someone to knock her up.
Not for love, for baby.
Crazy, right?
That’s what I thought.
Then I found out my fiancĂ© had a vasectomy. The life I thought I had? Nope. Suddenly I’m 33, and I don’t even have a kissing buddy.
When my mom’s health takes a turn and I wind up back in my hometown of Fate, Alabama, I tell myself to leave things up to…well, you know.
Then I see Gabriel McKellan. He’s Fate’s most famous son, a bestselling author who is beautiful, complicated, and living just below me. In addition to his plus-sized brain, Gabe’s well-endowed in other ways, and great in bed to boot. I would know. He's my ex husband.
When I suggest The Plan, I don't imagine that he'll take the bait. It's been ten years, and we don't work. But Fate has other plans for both of us.


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Release Blitz ~ Racer by Katy Evans


Racer by Katy Evans 

Publication Date: September 28th, 2017 

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Racer, an all-new standalone in the Real Series from New York Times bestselling author Katy Evans is LIVE!

Racer Amazon.jpg

A bad boy with something to prove.
A woman with a mission.
The race of their lives.
The love of a lifetime.
I don’t think his parents expected him to live up to his name—Racer Tate—but once he felt the adrenaline rush behind the wheel, he was addicted.
He's the fastest, fiercest driver around.
Scouting new talent brings me to his doorstep...
but his smile sends me to my knees.
The sexy, mysterious Racer Tate is not the kind of man a girl like me falls for. He's secretive, reckless, elusive. But his proximity pushes me beyond reason, and his kiss....
This is our last chance to win, and he is our only hope. I'm supposed to watch him—make sure he doesn't get into trouble. But it's an impossible task. And now the one in heart wrenching, toe-curling, soul-crushing trouble is me. Because when your heart belongs to someone, their truths become your own, and their secrets become your salvation...or your curse.
He says he wants me. He says I'm the One. But he also thinks he'll break my heart, one piece at a time until it's gone.


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About the Author:

Katy Evans is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Her debut REAL shot to the top of the bestselling lists in 2013 and since then 9 of her titles have been New York Times bestsellers. Her books have been translated into nearly a dozen languages across the world.


Connect with the Author:

Email: katyevansauthor@gmail.com
Twitter @authorkatyevans

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Cover Reveal ~ American King by Sierra Simone


"Enthralling and drop dead gasp-worthy."

- CD Reiss, New York Times Bestselling Author


American King, the stunning conclusion to the New Camelot Trilogy by Sierra Simone is coming October 31st!!


American King by Sierra Simone 

Publication Date: October 31, 2017 

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Designer: Hang Le

Photographer: Braadyn Penrod

Cover Model: Endi Zalic

They say that every tragic hero has a fatal flaw, a secret sin, a tiny stitch sewn into his future since birth.  And here I am.  My sins are no longer secret. My flaws have never been more fatal.  And I’ve never been closer to tragedy than I am now.
I am a man who loves, a man whose love demands much in return.  I am a king, a king who was foolish enough to build a kingdom on the bones of the past. I am a husband and a lover and a soldier and a father and a president.
And I will survive this.
Long live the king.


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American Queen

American Prince

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About the Author:

Sierra Simone is a former librarian who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk. She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City.  

Connect with Sierra:

Twitter: @TheSierraSimone

Release Blitz ~ Hot Stuff by Kim Karr #Giveaway

Title: Hot Stuff
Author: Kim Karr
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 27, 2017


Get ready to fall in love with this new standalone sports romance from New York Times bestselling author Kim Karr. 

He’s the newly drafted quarterback.
Hot. Arrogant. Too sexy for words. 
Ready to score.

I’m an athletic intern, and the coach’s daughter.
Driven. Determined. Prepared to conquer the world.
Completely off-limits.

You get the picture.

The NFL is full of rules. Rules I’ve never broken. Never challenged. Never even scratched—until the day Lucas Carrington crashes into my life with his hard body and I-don’t-give-a-f*ck attitude.

After I almost injure my father’s star player, I volunteer to make sure he’s in top shape. At first, it’s hell. I don’t like his cockiness, his easy smile. Don’t like the way he oozes sex. Or how his penetrating eyes follow me everywhere. 

That doesn’t stop me from wanting him.

He’s meant to be a distraction—something to occupy my mind for these precious few remaining hot summer nights before I’m forced to leave football behind forever.

I know what we’re doing will lead nowhere good. I know we’re crossing the line. And I know my father will never understand.

None of that matters.

But maybe it should.

Rules aren’t meant to be broken.          

Or are they?

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Disappointed, she unwrapped her arms from her body, and then pivoted on her toe in the direction of the open door. “Then it looks like we have nothing further to discuss, Lucas.”
I reached for her and tugged her to me. “I don’t want to want you,” I breathed, my mouth hovering just centimeters from hers.
Gillian tried to pull away, but not whole-heartedly. If she wanted me to let her go, I would have, but I knew she didn’t. “Then stop,” she sighed.
I took her face in my hands. “I can’t. I don’t know how to.”
“Neither do I,” she whispered.
Unable to stop myself, I crashed my lips to hers and drove my tongue into her mouth to retrace every inch that I had explored days ago.

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Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

Reader * Chocolate Lover * Writer * Coffee Lover * Romantic * Beach Lover * Yoga Beginner

Kim Karr is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of eighteen novels. Best known for writing sexy contemporary love stories, she enjoys bringing flawed characters to life.

Her romances are raw, real, and explosive.
Her characters will make you laugh, make you cry, make you feel.
And her happily-ever-afters are always swoon worthy.

From the brooding rock star to the arrogant millionaire. From the witty damsel-in-distress to the sassy high-powered business woman. No two storylines are ever alike.

Get ready to fall in love.

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Cover Reveal ~ ALPHA MAIL by Brenda Rothert

Today we are sharing the cover reveal for ALPHA MAIL by Brenda Rothert. This book is a contemporary romance, standalone, title that will be released on October 24th. Check out the pre-order links for Amazon, iBooks, and B&N below to reserve your copy now!


Alpha Mail by Brenda Rothert

An adult standalone, contemporary romance

Coming October 24, 2017!


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Book Blurb:

Sienna Mills knows her alpha males. They brood. They growl. They love the word “mine”. After spending her early twenties in and out of relationships with alphas, Sienna used her knowledge to found Alpha Mail, a booming business that allows women to sign up for emails, letters, and texts from their own brooding, red-blooded man. Her star is on the rise and Sienna is attracting the interest of investors when a mysterious man starts messaging her about the true nature of an alpha. She’s got it all wrong, he says, and he’s willing to show her how a real man makes women respond. The more Sienna hears from him, the more aggravated she becomes. Who does this anonymous, supposed alpha think he is, anyway? And yet…she can’t deny his messages are becoming the best part of her days. Commitment-phobic Sienna finds herself wanting more from her sensei of seduction. But is she willing to trust her heart to an alpha again?




Brenda Rothert is an Illinois native who was a print journalist for nine years. She made the jump from fact to fiction in 2013 and never looked back. From new adult to steamy contemporary romance, Brenda creates fresh characters in every story she tells. She’s a lover of Diet Coke, chocolate, lazy weekends and happily ever afters.


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Cover Reveal ~ The Rogue's Fate by Missy De Graff

The Rogue’s Fate
Missy De Graff
Publication date: Fall 2017
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy
If your life hung in the balance, would you choose to make your own destiny or leave your life to fate?
Lucinda Raven is being hunted by her ex-lover, a controlling rogue Alpha, who is determined to perform the sacred mating ritual that will bind them together forever. Knowing nothing will keep him from carrying out his ruthless plan, Lucinda is on the run and seeks refuge in the territory of an old friend.
Caidan Moone, cursed Alpha of the Blood Moone Pack, has a tortured history that haunts him daily. He sees the arrival of this beautiful and alluring nomad as a chance at redemption from his prior failures and invites her to stay, despite the danger it brings to the entire pack.
As Caidan and Lucinda grow closer, her two worlds collide and Lucinda must face the events of her dark past in order to save the future. Will Caidan be able to protect her without sacrificing his pack? Or will she end up bearing the mark of her psychotic ex?

Author Bio:

Missy has always been an avid reader and lover of all things that go bump in the night, but it wasn’t until 2009 that she was inspired by a friend and coworker to begin putting pen to paper. She began weaving together worlds of romance and intrigue, mixed with paranormal elements, suspenseful storylines, and addicting characters.
In 2014 she discovered the wonderful world of Wattpad and that is when her writing took on a new meaning. She first posted fanfiction for the outstanding community of Wattpad to read. And after a welcoming response, she began sharing her own work to include short stories, flash fiction, and contest entries. You can also find Missy on Radish Fiction under the name @Dream_Craziness, where she posts a New Adult Fantasy story with Paranormal elements, as well as on Inkitt. Be sure to stop by and say hi, she loves hearing from her readers.
Missy reside in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, she is a bohemian by nature & a Gemini by birth.


Tour ~ Syfi Warriors Anthology by KD Jones, A.M. Halford, Rose Nickol and Bethany Shaw

Syfi Warriors

Exotic new worlds, excitement, danger and a dragon-shifting alien. What more could you ask of a science fiction anthology?  
Check out these new stories from authors Rose Nickol, A.M. Halford, KD Jones, and Bethany Shaw.

Lovers Lost In The Stars by Author Rose Nickol
Myla didn’t realize how different her life could be until she was kidnapped and stranded with two of the most devastating males she had ever met.  Captain Dwaain Moreson and his second Lewan were from the planet of Xylan and Protectors of the planet.  Dwaain was also leader of the planet.  
Finding Myla and her father stranded in space had been a stroke of luck for Dwaain.  Being attacked by the Meglan and stranded with the little female and Lewan worked nicely into his plans, plans for him and Lewan to be bonded to the woman. Would fate intervene again and take her away or would all their dreams come true?

“StopYou’ll hurt yourself,” Dwaain told her loosening his holdHe relaxed his arms enough that she could sit up straight. 
Myla pushed against his shoulders enough to put some distance between them and sat her back straight“Please let me up.” 
Dwaain moved his hands to rest on the arms of the chair and let the little female up“You cried out in your rest. I only wanted to console you.” 
“Thank youI appreciate your comfortHowever, I’m to be life bonded to Naglan of the LeeanI would appreciate it if you showed more decorum.”
She stood before him, and even seated he was taller than sheDwaain reached down and lifted her chin with one finger so that she was looking into his eyes“I will do as I choose with you and you will like it.” 
Myla took a deep breath, and her face turned red, but she said nothingShe knew better than to provoke him more. After all, she was still a prisoner and needed to keep her head about herShe didn’t know what he would do if she antagonized him
“I will not hurt you, a little femaleAnything I do I will guarantee you will enjoyIf I wanted to, I could have you screaming my name.” Dwaain held her chin between his fingers forcing her to look into his sage green eyesMyla let out a little huff and twisted out of his grasp“It is of no consequenceI am to be queenam betrothedI cannot break the scared promiseIt would bring shame on the royal family.” 
Dwaain let her escape“We will see, little femaleWe will see.” 

Romancing A Space Ranger by A.M. Halford
Planet Genus Nine is a key location for the human expansion into space and is presently used as a primary military base. Lieutenant James Wright is in charge of the new arrival, civilian architect Martin Black. Martin is on Genus Nine to build a new rec-center and hospital wing.
These two butt heads at any given situation, but an attack on the military base forces them to face their desires and each other. With an alien threat, meddling exes, and just their own stubborn prides in the way, can Martin and James find love together?

Martin and Daryl had spent two days in deep conversation with the CO of the base and the CEO of their construction firm. What it all boiled down to was they were getting the help they needed to get back on track. Gerald was relieved of his job. Martin felt no remorse for costing the man his career. If he’d just reported the situation as it was, then there would have been no problems. Delays were expected and understandable when dealing with these conditions.
Presently, he was standing in the middle of stacks upon stacks of supplies. He looked like a child lost in a maze as he gazed up at one pallet and checked the barcode number against the list on his tablet.
All the remaining supplies for the foundation arrived last night, at least that was the report. Martin was trying to ensure that was the case. The last thing he needed was for his guys to start pouring concrete over the rebar and laying out the second half of the foundation just to have to stop part way through because of another error.
He was about halfway through the check.
“Why don’t you have someone else do this?” James asked him from his place watching from a vantage point. Not that there were too many vantage points in this maze of crates and pallets. “You are the one in charge. Labor like this shouldn’t be your primary duty.”
“That’s where you’re wrong,” Martin smiled. James had started opening up around lunch time yesterday. The Ranger seemed intrigued by the fact Martin took such a hands-on approach to his job. “To ensure the site runs smoothly and efficiently is my job. That includes checking the supplies. I’d rather Daryl and his team place their efforts where needed, laying the foundation and getting us back on schedule. I, on the other hand, usually have hours of free time which would normally be spent in an air-conditioned office.”
“Was that a complaint or were you bragging?” James frowned.
Shrugging, Martin looked to the man and winked at him, “You decide.”

Elite Dragon Warrior by Author KD Jones
Elite Warrior Markus traveled a long way from his home world of Drakonia. This new planet called Earth is strange and the people even stranger. He was there for one reason, to find more of his people and to protect them from enemies old and new. What he didn’t expect was to find a mate that both he and his dragon wanted to bond with. Things just got more complicated but he was a dragon-shifting warrior, he could handle anything.

Val opened the two bottles of beer and set them up on the bar. Her customers, a couple of locals, winked at her as they grabbed their bottles. The phone rang and she glared over at her supposed help for the night, Tina, who was leaning over and flirting with customers instead of working. She should have told her boss that she would handle the bar alone tonight. Buz insisted, however, that since it was a Friday night she needed the help. Plus, Tina was his niece so there wasn’t much she could do. 
Val reached for the phone and turned her back to the bar. “Saddle Up Saloon. Yes, of course we’re open. No, the kitchen shut down an hour ago. Happy to help.” She hung up and caught the sight of  several new customers coming up to the bar. 
Turning around she greeted them, “Welcome to Saddle Up Saloon. What can I get you?” Holy shit! The three men that just came in were smoking hot, wearing leather jackets and tight-fitting jeans and dark sunglasses. 
“Whatever is good,” the taller man with light reddish-streaked brown hair ordered.
She couldn’t help but gawk at him. The man had to be the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen. If only he took off his glasses. As if he could hear her thoughts, he took the dark sunglasses off and looked at her. She was stunned into silence. His eyes were a golden honey color, warm and welcoming. He cleared his throat.
“Miss, are you okay?”
Oh man, he probably thought she was rude or something. “Sorry, what did you want?”
He took a seat at the bar and the other two men sat as well. They were good-looking men too, but she couldn’t seem to take her eyes from this one with the gold eyes. The way he watched her had her nipples harden and she felt a pulsing in her pussy. 
“I asked for three of whatever is good.”
“We don’t have hard liquor or mixed drinks, just wine and beer in bottle or on tap. Do you like dark or light beer?”
He hesitated for a moment, looking at his two friends before telling her, “Dark.”
“Okay.” She quickly went to get three dark beers from the cooler and opened them, then put them on the bar in front of each man. She stood there for a moment, not being able to move away, trapped in the first man’s golden eyes. “So are you guys just passing through?” 
That was stupid—just about everyone passed through this small town. Rarely did anyone stay unless they got stuck somehow or were raised up here. She fit the first. She had come with an ex who broke her heart, stole all her money, and abandoned her there. She had no friends or family to call for help, but thankfully the locals were kind enough to take her in. She had been there now for three years, never making enough to go anywhere and really had no desire to leave. This small town had become her home.
“We will be here for a few days.”
His voice was deep, with a bit of an accent she couldn’t place—sexy as hell. She bet he could talk women out of their panties with just the sound of his voice. Her body was feeling overheated. Touching her forehead, she was grateful it wasn’t sweaty.

Phoenix Down by Author Bethany Shaw
Nova’s family expects her to fail, and she’s determined to prove them wrong. Her first mission isn’t going to plan, though. Her ship has crashed and she’s the only survivor. Now, she must convince the handsome human that she means him no harm and is there to help him.
James doesn’t believe his eyes when he witnesses an alien attack in his backwater town. After watching one of his neighbor’s be obliterated by one of the invaders, he comes to the rescue of an injured young woman. He rushes the unconscious beauty back to his farm where he and his niece tend to her. When she awakens, he realizes there is something about her that isn’t quite human. Can he and his niece trust the enchanting alien?

A groan drew him from his thoughts. James snapped his attention to the woman who lay on the ground. Another whimper escaped her lips. Blonde hair covered her face. She was petite but muscular. The black jumpsuit she had on hugged her figure, showing off her natural curves. 
Her arm was mangled. Ice covered it from the tips of her fingers to her elbow. Her breathing was labored and soft moans blew out in time to her breathing. She wasn’t moving. If she was conscious it was barely. 
James went to her side and knelt next to her. He pushed the hair out of her face, and stared. She was gorgeous with thin, pink lips, a round face, and small nose. 
Her sapphire eyes flicked open. They were brighter than any eyes he’d ever seen, almost shining. She mumbled something but it wasn’t in English. 
“It’s okay,” he said.
The woman’s eyes fluttered shut.
“Hey,” he said, putting his hand on her neck to find her pulse. 
A slow but steady thrum met his fingers. He let out a breath and looked around. It’d be risky to move her, but he couldn’t just leave her while he found help – assuming he could find it at all. 
He wasn’t a field medic, but he’d seen enough carnage to know she looked stable. Hopefully there was no internal bleeding. He scooped her up and carried her to the truck that still sat idling in the field. 
James opened the passenger door and set her in the seat, doing his best not to jostle her. He closed the door and hurried to the driver’s side, hopping in, and putting it in gear as he closed the door. 
The truck lurched forward when he stomped on the gas. He sped back toward the gravel drive undecided on whether he should get her to the cellar for care or go for McGee’s guns. 
If he couldn’t protect her, it would be pointless to save her. He turned the wheel and stomped on the gas. He hoped McGee’s guns would be easy to find. He needed to get the woman help and get back to Emma. 
James fished his cell out of his pocket and skimmed through the contacts until he found the home phone. He hit send and put the phone to his ear. Nothing. He looked at the phone and cursed. Still no service. Shit. 
He blew out a breath and revved the truck. What the hell was going on? An alien invasion, he told himself. It made him laugh out loud. Nothing about this was funny except for how absurd it all was. He had an old radio at home. He’d get the guns, get the woman back to the house, and then snatch that damn radio from the barn to see if he could find out what the hell was going on.