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Book Blitz ~ Alien Love: Ella & Krian by Vera E. Unita #Giveaway

Alien Love: Ella & Krian
Vera E. Unita
Publication date: October 1st 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Science Fiction
Mischief and lies brought us together but as soon as I learn the truth, I promise to help her.
She is mine now and everyone, who ever hurt her, will feel my wrath.

My people are dying. We won the war against the Rakes but they poisoned our water and one after another our females died.
We searched the solar system for a compatible species, humans piqued our interest. As King of Krotan it is my duty to test our scientist’s theory. Thanks to the matchmaking agency Alien Kinka tiny human called Ella Bellini comes to Krotan. Something feels off, though…
I was kidnapped, f*cking kidnapped.
When I realize that I have been sold to planet Krotan, home to an infamous warrior people, I didn’t expect to be put into a luxurious suite. And I really didn’t expect my tall, overly muscled captor to look confused, when he comes for me in the night and I fight him with everything I’ve got. What did he expect? That I wanted to be here with him?
Problem is, we don’t understand each other. But he stopped, that’s everything that counts. Perhaps the sexy as hell alien will even help me, once we find a way to communicate?

Every book in the series can be read as a standalone, HEA guaranteed! This fast and steamy romance is intended for adult readers—have fun!

Only 99¢!
Or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!


My legs felt shaky and suddenly being able to understand his language was overwhelming.
We could finally talk to each other!
The thought was like a lightning strike. I needed to tell him everything that had happened! Hopefully he could really help me find Sia. “We were just walking down the street, when they came at us,” I began. My tongue felt strange, as if talking Krotan needed different motions than I was used to. He had hacked my brain with his translator, right now I didn’t care anymore, after all I was finally able to communicate properly with him.
With Krian, I reminded myself. The Krotan warrior had a name.
“They drugged us, I only woke up again in the cargo bay of their ship.” The memory of how scared I’d been made me shake even now, months later. Staring at the floor, I didn’t see him coming. Suddenly there were arms pulling me towards a heavy, reliable chest. “You’re safe.” The dark timbre of his voice vibrated throughout my whole body, it made my skin prickle but the frantic rhythm of my heart slowed immediately. I believed him: In his arms I really was safe.
Something must be wrong with me, right? How could I trust him so quickly? Exceptional situations brought exceptionally strong feelings, I guess…
“They took my sister. They took Sia, too!” I whispered against his chest, my throat was closing in. “And there were other women, one was barely more than a girl!”
Around me I felt his arms tighten, as if he didn’t like what he was hearing. My heart was pounding heavily between us but his embrace helped me to calm down. “I need to find her,” I urged. When I looked up, his gaze was dark. By now I was able to discern the tiny differences between his expressions, though. He wasn’t angry at me, he was just determined.
“I understand,” he said after a while and I got the feeling that he understood much more than he let on.
“Did…did you have a sister?” Suddenly my heart was racing again, meanwhile my hands clutched at his shirt, seemingly of their own accord. A bad feeling was whirling around in my stomach.
“A brother.” A sharp nod. “He died in the war against the Rakes.” At first I was shocked how he could say these things as if solely stating facts. Then I saw the gut-wrenching pain hidden beneath the calm mask of his face. He did hurt, apparently Krotans only had fewer facial expressions than humans.
“I’m sorry,” I whispered, while tears began to roll down my cheeks. Only the thought of losing Sia made me go into a panic. I was so sorry that he had had to go through this.
He nodded solemnly but didn’t say anything more about his brother. Perhaps one day he would tell me about him. One day? How long did I plan to stay here? I wanted to find my sister and then go back home. Right?

Author Bio:
Due to her father’s many business trips, Vera Elle Unita was born in Germany near Stuttgart in 1990. Since then she has traveled a lot, even studied one year abroad, but finally settled down with her husband and two beautiful dogs back home in the US—hello, Boston! She likes new hair colors, chocolate (who doesn’t?), and reading or writing about strong, perfectly imperfect book boyfriends struggling with their past. Everyone just needs a little love, right?

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New Release ~ The Serendipity Trilogy: Finally Fallen by Zoey Derrick

Finally Fallen: 


When you’ve finally fallen for two of the most charismatic, loving, satisfying men you’ve ever met, that’s what each day feels like.

I’m. In. Love.

Not only with them, but with life.
They’ve proven their love for me is never ending, undying.
Now there’s a new challenge for the three of us on the horizon. One I welcome with open arms.

But they’re leaving.

Our peaceful, happy bubble is bursting while they step back into their lives, their jobs. I have to find ways to keep busy.

Doors are opening for me; compliments of an unexpected job offer and an impromptu performance. But I’m not sure I wanted those doors open.
I’m happy in my little bubble with the two men I love most in the world.

My fame is growing, people are noticing. But am I attracting the wrong crowd?

I swore I had no skeletons in my closet.
My past starts to unravel and threaten everything I have achieved. It’s clawing at the walls I’ve built around them and me.
Will it bring the walls crashing down around me?
Can I get through this?
Will they help me once they know secrets I didn’t even know I had?

It’s my turn to prove just how much I love them and the life they’ve given me.

Unexpected Desires: 

Suddenly Fallen: 

Finally Fallen: 

Untitled 8Before Zoey Derrick became a Bestselling Author of Contemporary and Erotic Romances, she was a single mother working long hours as a mortgage underwriter until she started spinning tales as hot as the desert sun itself. Now she resides in a St. Paul, Minnesota suburb with her teenage son, writing tales to take her readers on an erotic dance that lasts the night. Allowing her to empty her mind of stories we all wish were true.

The intimacy of her fantasies that she shares with her readers is thrilling and encouraging, climactic yet full of suspense. Up for anything means readers are doomed to return to again and again.
Her stories are hopeful yet true to life, skillfully avoiding melodrama and the unrealistic, bringing her gripping erotica only closer to the heart of those that dare dipping into it.

Facebook: or @zoeyderrick 
Twitter: @zoeyderrick
Instagram: @ImZoeyDerrick

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The Serendipity Trilogy: Suddenly Fallen by Zoey Derrick

Suddenly Fallen: 

I Broke Her.
Shattered her walls so she would finally let us in.
Now her biggest challenge awaits her, and we will be there every single step of the way.
Supporting her, loving her, and letting her fall apart so we can put her back together, with us.

She heals.
She loves, thrives, grows.
Our unexpected desire for her drives us crazy with need. That need leads to lapses in judgement that just might send her running for the hills. But I think we did it on purpose.
Will her strength and our love be enough to keep her by our side when everything feels like it’s blowing up around us?
Is it too soon?
Too much, too fast?
Can she handle the pressure of being in the spotlight because she loves us? Because she needs us as much as we need her?

The truth is, we don’t know.
The reality is, we’re suddenly falling for the woman who has enraptured us. Captured our hearts and snaked her way into our souls.

We can’t live without her.
We need her. 

Untitled 8Before Zoey Derrick became a Bestselling Author of Contemporary and Erotic Romances, she was a single mother working long hours as a mortgage underwriter until she started spinning tales as hot as the desert sun itself. Now she resides in a St. Paul, Minnesota suburb with her teenage son, writing tales to take her readers on an erotic dance that lasts the night. Allowing her to empty her mind of stories we all wish were true.

The intimacy of her fantasies that she shares with her readers is thrilling and encouraging, climactic yet full of suspense. Up for anything means readers are doomed to return to again and again.
Her stories are hopeful yet true to life, skillfully avoiding melodrama and the unrealistic, bringing her gripping erotica only closer to the heart of those that dare dipping into it.

Facebook: or @zoeyderrick 
Twitter: @zoeyderrick
Instagram: @ImZoeyDerrick

Book Blitz ~ Desiring Dorothy by Alana Albertson & Nicole Blanchard #Giveaway

Desiring Dorothy

by Alana Albertson & Nicole Blanchard 
Publication Date: September 27, 2019 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic, Dark Romance, Reverse Harem


Read for FREE in KindleUnlimited: 

A heartless SEAL, a simple farmer, a cowardly mafioso, a billionaire tech guru. Why should Dorothy choose just one? My Uncle Henry vanished on my twenty-first birthday, along with my beloved pug, Toto. The police have ruled his disappearance a suicide, but they never found a body or any trace of my dog. But I refuse to accept their ruling because I saw a man enter Uncle Henry’s house that night. I travel to the end of the earth to track down the man only to discover he’s a Navy SEAL. I soon realize I’m in over my head and can’t trust anyone around me. A heartless SEAL, a simple farmer, a cowardly mafioso. But they are just the pawns in the wizard’s game. This billionaire tech guru is the most powerful man in the world, and he is behind my uncle’s disappearance. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Unfortunately, he wants me.

  Desiring Dorothy is book 1 of 3 in the Men of Oz series. It is a full-length reverse harem novel with a cliffhanger.

About Alana Albertson

Alana Albertson is an award-winning Latina author, the former President of Romance Writers of America’s Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit, and Young Adult chapters. She holds a Masters of Education from Harvard and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Stanford. A recovering professional ballroom dancer, Alana currently writes new adult romantic suspense, young adult, and contemporary romance. She lives in San Diego, California, with her husband, two sons, and five dogs. When she’s not spending her time needlepointing, dancing, or saving dogs from high kill shelters through her rescue Pugs N Roses, she can be found watching episodes of House Hunters, Homeland, or Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.

About Nicole Blanchard

 Nicole Blanchard is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of gritty romantic suspense and heartwarming new adult romance. She and her family reside in the south along with their two spunky Boston Terriers and one chatty cat.

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The Serendipity Trilogy: Unexpected Desires by Zoey Derrick

Unexpected Desires: 

I agreed to be their surrogate; to give my friends the one thing they couldn't do on their own. 
The choice was easy. 
What followed was not. 
I fell in love with them along the way, but they can’t give me what I want most- their love. 
The connection between them is undeniable. 
How could I possibly come between them? 
The truth is that I can’t. 

Now, I’m pregnant and alone when all I’ve ever wanted is someone to love me, wholly and unconditionally. 
I thought they were it, the Ones, but I was wrong. 
My name is River Ashley Bennett and better plans are in store for me. 
I just don’t know what they are yet. 

We're broken. 
Shells of the men we once were. 
Our love has never been stronger, but we're missing the one thing we want above all else- a woman between us. 
We gave up our dream when we were left unexpectedly by a woman in our past. 
We want it back. 
We didn't realize how much until she fell into our laps. 

We have a chance to redeem ourselves; to feel complete in a way we never imagined. 
There's only one problem. 
She's pregnant with our best friend's child. 

Can our desire and dreams withstand the time and trials we’ll have to endure to make her ours? Or will we be left on the outside looking in? 

We want her. 
We need her. 
We are Keenan and Bodie Carmikael and we will stop at nothing to make her ours. 

Untitled 8Before Zoey Derrick became a Bestselling Author of Contemporary and Erotic Romances, she was a single mother working long hours as a mortgage underwriter until she started spinning tales as hot as the desert sun itself. Now she resides in a St. Paul, Minnesota suburb with her teenage son, writing tales to take her readers on an erotic dance that lasts the night. Allowing her to empty her mind of stories we all wish were true.

The intimacy of her fantasies that she shares with her readers is thrilling and encouraging, climactic yet full of suspense. Up for anything means readers are doomed to return to again and again.
Her stories are hopeful yet true to life, skillfully avoiding melodrama and the unrealistic, bringing her gripping erotica only closer to the heart of those that dare dipping into it.

Facebook: or @zoeyderrick 
Twitter: @zoeyderrick
Instagram: @ImZoeyDerrick

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Release Blitz ~ War of Hearts by S. Young

release blitz banner.jpg

“An excellently written paranormal, engrossing and addicting.” #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken
War of Hearts, an all-new adult paranormal romance by New York Times bestselling author S. Young is LIVE!

War of Hearts cover.jpg

Thea Quinn has no idea what she is. All she knows is that her abilities have been a plague upon her life since she was a child. After years of suffering at the hands of a megalomaniac, Thea escaped and has been on the run ever since.
The leadership and protection of his pack are of the utmost importance to Conall MacLennan, Alpha and Chief of Clan MacLennan, the last werewolf pack in Scotland. Which is why watching his sister slowly die of a lycanthropic disease is emotional torture. When Conall is approached by a businessman who offers a cure for his sister in exchange for the use of Conall’s rare tracking ability, Conall forges an unbreakable contract with him. He has to find and retrieve the key to the cure: dangerous murderer, Thea Quinn.
Thea’s attempts to evade the ruthless werewolf are not only thwarted by the Alpha, but by outside dangers. With no choice but to rely on one another for survival, truths are revealed, intensifying a passionate connection they both fight to resist. At war with themselves and each other, Conall and Thea’s journey to Scotland forces them to face a heartrending choice between love and betrayal.

WOH - AN.jpg

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About S. Young: 

Samantha Young is a New York Times and #1 International bestselling author from Stirlingshire, Scotland. On Dublin Street was Samantha's first adult contemporary romance series and has sold in thirty countries. She has since published over thirteen romance titles including the New York Times Bestsellers Into the Deep, Hero, and her most recent contemporary romance Fight or Flight. When writing Adult Paranormal romance she writes under the pen name S. Young.

Connect with S. Young:

Email –

Release Blitz ~ THE CHASE by Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob and Isabella LaPearl

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One temptress. Two alphas. Hot pursuit.

The night Heavenly Young gave her innocence to Dr. Kenneth Beckman and Seth Cooper, her world was ripped apart by betrayal and tragedy. She leaves behind everything and everyone to fulfill a deathbed promise and start her life over. But her solitary quest forces her to face her past and question where her future truly lies—alone or in the arms of the two unforgettable men she loves? After putting his heart on the line—something Seth swore he’d never do again—he’s devastated when Heavenly walks away from him and Beck. Hell-bent on reclaiming her, they chase her down and help her complete her solemn duty. But Heavenly is caught between independence and love, forcing him and Beck to make her a deal. She’ll give them total commitment for eight weeks. If she still wants her freedom after that, they’ll let her go—for good. After Beck’s reckless mistake implodes the fragile bond he and Seth share with Heavenly, he’s determined to prove they can give her both the adventure she seeks and the devotion she craves. So the men devise a game to break down her barriers and bind her in bliss. But when their dreams are within reach, a demon from Beck’s long-forgotten past returns, bent on revenge that might cost him his life.

Apple Books I Nook I Kobo I Amazon

About Authors

Shayla Black

Shayla Black is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than sixty novels. For nearly twenty years, she’s written contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances via traditional, independent, foreign, and audio publishers. Her books have sold millions of copies and been published in a dozen languages. Raised an only child, Shayla occupied herself with lots of daydreaming, much to the chagrin of her teachers. In college, she found her love for reading and realized that she could have a career publishing the stories spinning in her imagination. Though she graduated with a degree in Marketing/Advertising and embarked on a stint in corporate America to pay the bills, her heart has always been with her characters. She’s thrilled that she’s been living her dream as a full-time author for the past eight years. Shayla currently lives in North Texas with her wonderfully supportive husband, her daughter, and two spoiled tabbies. In her “free” time, she enjoys reality TV, reading, and listening to an eclectic blend of music.

Jenna Jacob

USA Today Bestselling author Jenna Jacob paints a canvas of passion, romance, and humor as her alpha men and the feisty women who love them unravel their souls, heal their scars, and find a happy-ever-after kind of love. Heart-tugging, captivating, and steamy, Jenna’s books will surely leave you breathless and craving more. A mom of four grown children, Jenna and her alpha-hunk husband live in Kansas. She loves reading, getting away from the city on the back of a Harley, music, camping, and cooking. Meet her wild and wicked fictional family in Jenna’s sultry series: The Doms of Genesis. Become spellbound by searing triple love connections in her continuing saga: The Doms of Her Life (co-written with the amazing Shayla Black and Isabella LaPearl). Journey with couples struggling to resolve their pasts and heal their scars to discover unbridled love and devotion in her contemporary series: Passionate Hearts. Or laugh along as Jenna lets her zany sense of humor and lack of filter run free in the romantic comedy series: Hotties of Haven.

Isabella LaPearl

Isabella LaPearl is a USA Today bestselling author known for her collaboration with Shayla Black & Jenna Jacob for the Doms of Her Life Series. She enjoys writing sexy, erotic romance. A wife, mother, writer, reader and a love for riding motorcycles.
To say it's been an extraordinary journey thus far would be an understatement... what a rush! What a thrill to realize dreams and see them go from a seed to fruition. So for all you aspiring Authors, who like me, have a fire inside that burns brightly and demands to be sated by writing... Never give up.

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Book Blitz ~ Johnny by J.A. Huss #Giveaway

J.A. Huss
(Bossy Brothers, #2)
Publication date: September 26th 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense
She wasn’t supposed to be the princess I wasn’t looking for.
When my father ‘died’ five years ago I took over the ‘family business’. But when I say business, I really mean secret society. Or cult. Or militia. Hell, let’s keep it simple and call it the mob.
It’s just not that mob.
It’s much darker, much dirtier, and much more dangerous than any old everyday mob.
And I was perfectly fine with my role in life for a long time. But now my brothers are involved and I need to get them out.
Enter Megan Machette.
When I found her helpless, nearly-naked, and chained to a wall on an island prison I had no intention of being her Prince Charming. But then I found out she had a dirty, dark, dangerous secret that could solve all my family problems.
I was just going to use her. Play her. Tell her everything she wanted to hear.
I never planned on baring my secrets to her in a midnight confession and I certainly never expected her to see past the dark filth inside my soul and find the man underneath.
But she did.
She wasn’t supposed to be the princess I wasn’t looking for.
But she is.
And now I will do anything—even use her evil secret to take down thousands of people—to save my brothers and get what I want.

Bossy Brothers: Johnny features a prince saving his princess from a life of hell, one or ten romantic gestures from a tattooed bad boy, swimming with glowing dolphins in the Bahamas, and secrets so deep everyone almost drowns. Bossy Brothers: Johnny is book three in the series and can be read alone but should be read in order.



“How come you don’t mind when I say ‘cock?’”
He leans in, soft mouth nibbling my ear, and whispers, “Because a dirty mouth isn’t the same thing as dirty talking. I really like the dirty talk. And if you’re really sincere about asking me why now, why you? Well, then let me take this opportunity to convince you my offer is well thought out and real.”
My mouth is open. My heart is racing. My nipples are tight and the sweet spot between my legs is throbbing. I suck in a breath and hold it.
“I want to untie that little string bikini I bought for you this afternoon, throw it out to sea, wrap your legs around my middle, stick my thick, hard cock up inside you, and then fuck you slowly in the light of the moon.”
I breathe out. “We might drown.”
He bites my earlobe. His feet making underwater waves as he keeps us afloat.
“Sometimes the price of victory is high. But I promise you, it won’t end in drowning. All you have to do is say yes.”
I want to say yes. I wanted him to make this move last night. I thought he would make this move last night. So why am I hesitating?
Maybe it’s because he’s thrown me some curveballs today. Starting with all that chastising about swearing, then the uncharacteristic self-doubt in the restaurant, then he changed the plan and gave me presents… and tied that ribbon around my wrist like he was claiming me as his.
Jesus Christ. I’m delusional.
But all that does actually add up to something and it could be this… gesture.
Or offer. Or whatever it is he’s doing.
It doesn’t add up.
“Or,” he says, his fingers tugging on one of the strings holding my bottoms on until it comes loose, “you could just tell me no when you want me to stop, if that’s the way you play submit.”
“Submit?” I laugh. But his hand is already tugging on the other string. And the next thing I know I’m not wearing bottoms anymore.
They’re floating free somewhere down below me. A thing of the sea now.
He just keeps going. His hands reach up to the rhinestone clasp between my breasts, opening it in one swift, well-practiced move, and they’re free, his palms squeezing them tight until I let out a small moan.
“Tell me no,” he whispers into my ear. “Because unless you tell me no, I’m gonna keep going like it’s a yes.”
I bite my lip, but I don’t say no.
Then his open mouth is on mine. His lips soft, but somehow still demanding and punishing. Both hands come up to my face to hold me there. Captive in his kiss.
We start to sink, and I struggle away, my hands and feet treading water to keep us afloat. But his hands drop down to my thighs, gripping them tight as he opens me up. Immediately, I press my knees around his middle. His fingers tug on his board shorts, and then his cock is between my open legs. Pressing, pushing, insisting on being inside me.
“Hold on to me,” he whispers past my lips, our mouths still kissing.
And I do. Desperately. My arms circle his neck and my legs circle his hips. Giving him permission to enter me fully.
It’s the slowest fuck I’ve ever experienced. There’s barely any friction. There’s no forceful pushing and thrusting. There’s just not enough resistance in the water for a hard fuck like that.
But I don’t need any of that right now. My body is hot, and alive, and begging for more. And even though he’s not giving me more, he has no more to give while we’re in the ocean like this, I don’t really need it. Every small movement excites me. Every brush of his lips against mine thrills me. And when his hand on my hip lowers down the curve of my ass and presses between my legs, I’m almost embarrassed at how wonderful that feels.
I gasp a little. We’re no longer kissing. But our foreheads are pressed together. Our breathing ragged and matched. His feet kicking underwater to keep us afloat.
I let go of him and drop my fingers down between our bodies, pressing against the hard muscles of his stomach, until my fingers flip over so I can play with myself.
Johnny leans in and bites my neck. I gasp, and he pulls back, kissing it softly. But then he bites again, and again, and again until some unknown, never-before-experienced feeling of lust and desire fills my body and…
“Oh, shit,” I moan softly. “Shit.”
I come on my fingers. His hard cock barely inside me.
I bury my head into his neck, embarrassed. Not really understanding how that even happened.
He leans over on his side. One hand gripping my waist, holding us together, the other dragging us towards the shore.
I don’t even know what’s happening and I’m starting to feel uncomfortable and weird about what I just did when I realize he’s standing on the sandy ocean floor, lifting me up. Carrying me through the crashing waves to the beach.
He lays me down, half in, half out of the rolling surf. His body covers mine, his hands on both my cheeks once again, his mouth open, tongue inside me.
Then he lets go of my face, grabs both knees with both hands, opens me back up, and slips inside.
And this time his cock—still rock hard—refuses to fuck me slowly.

Author Bio:
JA Huss is the New York Times Bestselling author of 321 and has been on the USA Today Bestseller's list 21 times in the past five years. She writes characters with heart, plots with twists, and perfect endings.
Her new sexy sci-fi romance and paranormal romance pen name is KC Cross and she writes novels and teleplays collaboratively with actor and screenwriter, Johnathan McClain.
Her books have sold millions of copies all over the world, the audio version of her semi-autobiographical book, Eighteen, was nominated for a Voice Arts Award and an Audie Award in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Her audiobook, Mr. Perfect, was nominated for a Voice Arts Award in 2017. Her audiobook, Taking Turns, was nominated for an Audie Award in 2018. Five of her book were optioned for a TV series by MGM television in 2018. And her book, Total Exposure, was nominated for a RITA Award in 2019.
She lives on a ranch in Central Colorado with her family.


Book Blitz ~ Unintentional Obsession by Layla Stone #Giveaway

Unintentional Obsession
Layla Stone
(Lotus Adaamas Series #2)
Publication date: September 25th 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Science Fiction
Every year Shine visits his mother’s grave. No one has ever dared to interrupt his day of sorrow.
Except today. An old enemy stops by, not to pay his respects but to demand Shine take in a snobby female that works in his lab. To keep her from leaving the planet he’s bound both Shine and the female with a bracelet that will electrocute them if they stray too far apart.
If Shine doesn’t do what he’s told, he dies.
If the female doesn’t do what she’s told, they both die.
Shine’s patience, loyalty and love have never been tested like this before.

Note to reader: This is a slow burn Sci-Fi Romance that can be read as a standalone.

Q&A with author Layla Stone

1. Are there any secrets from the book, you can share with your readers?
Yes, each heroine is related to someone in the Unexpected Series.

2. Can you share a snippet that isn’t in the blurb or excerpt?
Nara silently stewed as she sat in the Hampton Dwarf next to the Night Demon who’d dared to make this situation sound like it was all her fault. He also breathed from his nose in a strange way. If he didn’t stop, she was going to poison him.
Shine inhaled slowly and then snorted out. Nara’s insides curled. She couldn’t take this. “Hey, knock that off.”
Shine turned. “Knock what off?”
“Your breathing.” How did he not realize how annoying he was?
“You want me to stop breathing?”
“I want you to stop breathing the way you breathe.” After she’d said that, she saw his face and knew he wasn’t getting it. Clarifying, she said, “You inhale slowly and then snort. Seriously, did you not know you do that?”
Shine narrowed his eyes. “I don’t do that.”
“Oh, yes, you do.”
Nara had never felt so victorious in her life because, instantly, his breathing changed. She could tell that he was trying to control it.
Reveling in her moment, she leaned back in her seat and touched the window screens, activating them to show the outside. It was interactive, so it showed what each building was and offered an option for more information.
The planet was ugly, and so were the buildings. All of them were made of dark-colored metal, rusted or decayed from all the acidic rain. The only vibrant colors came from the shop signs and advertising pods that blinked in the air.
The planet badly needed a makeover, which was why she hadn’t hesitated to come all the way to do it herself. She should have known better.
Shine did that annoying breathing thing again. She cringed. “You’re doing it again.”

3. Does one of the main characters hold a special place in your heart? If so, why?
I’ve always liked the grumpy smart guy, but I felt like that type of guy didn’t need a spunky sweetheart – he needed a heroine just as smart…or smarter.

4. What do you hope your readers take away from this book?
I hope they are like it. That’s my main thought whenever I publish a new book.

5. Can you give us some insight into what makes the hero tick?
He’s made a huge mistake in his past and has been living with the guilt for a long time.

6. What were the key challenges you faced when writing this book?
The heroine is a bit much, but I hope you can give her a chance.

7. What was the highlight of writing this book?
My favorite part of writing is getting feedback from my beta reader via marco-polo app.

Author Bio:
Layla Stone is a Sci-Fi Romance author who is passionate about writing and reading romances. Her books are a blend of science fiction, romance and action adventure.
A business coordinator by training and a bookworm at heart, Layla makes her home in Southern California, where she lives with her husband, two children, and a trio of fur babies.
You can find more information about her characters and their races at
To learn more about Layla, her life and writing process, copy and paste this link into your browser and join her monthly newsletter: